Victimhood as a Means to an End

I remember reading a book many years ago, In Sheep’s Clothing by George Simon. The book went thru the mechanics of manipulation in a relationship. Great Book.

There are many forms of manipulation (among them): shaming, lying, minimizing, and… victimization. Obviously, these all can be very effective.

This context is very important. Victimization is nothing more than manipulation. It is evil and sinful at it’s core.

There are real victims in life. The most successful form of treatment of abuse is Grace and forgiveness. Forgiveness is not for the abuser, but for the victim… a vast, vast majority of professionals will tell you this.

There actually is such a thing as victim addiction. Much like heroin, or alcohol, or pride… It doesn’t matter what hold you give your hangups… Any of the above has the ability to manifest and destroy one’s life. Professionals see this every day.

When victimization acts in contrast to Grace and forgiveness… in the case of our society today … demanding money and political power… it is important to understand that this a very destructive path. Today there is a generation of victim addicts acting as pawns to power hungry rats.

The Unites States of America cannot allow for this any longer. Your life matters.