Shalom and the Art of Covid Madness

How many healthy people in Wisconsin have died of COVID-19?

A proper estimate by you, the reader, will provide massive insight as you read thru this…

With the word discerning, there is an implication of patience, wisdom, maybe even empathy….

Per WI DHS, the chart below shows COVID-19 deaths per age:

Per WI DHS, zero percent of COVID-19 deaths have come from Wisconsinites under the age of 20. Two percent of the COVID-19 deaths have come from Wisconsinites under the age of 40.

That’s roughly fifteen people.

Today, Maciver Institute in Madison broke down the numbers further.

Per Maciver, 12 have passed away with no “comorbidity” (WI DHS describes this as cancer or diabetes primarily) 146 were undetermined, and 675 had this “comorbidity”. Note that age cannot be a determining factor of “comorbidity”.

This, of course, does not take away from any of the lives lost. Many prayers for those families and loved ones.

And with pneumonia killing roughly 2000 Wisconsinites annually, that will be more than the total for COVID-19.

How many Wisconsinites knew these numbers?

I can appreciate the caution, back in March. We had no idea what was coming our way. It is time to move forward. The fear is unjustified and a effect of an irresponsible and negligent media.

The JSONLINE site front page doesn’t have these numbers; instead promoting the 40,000 case… in effect, promoting fear.

All top five items on the rag J-D Union are COVID related, nothing mentioning this side of the story. And this is a big story.

I open these news outlets very rarely, and my life has seriously gotten better as a result.

Stop living in fear.

Open our businesses.

Open our schools.


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