$5 Million Loss Coming to Whitewater Businesses from Mask Mandate

On Tuesday, the Whitewater City Council passed the mask mandate. Several key factors in the debate:


Science had nothing to do with this mandate. Zero percent of COVID-19 deaths have come from healthy people under the age of 50 (or maybe 60). People with health concerns need to stay home. This path forward is clear with any small amount of common sense.

Liberal Politics

These mandates are overwhelmingly happening with Liberal/Progressive leadership. Progressive politics are also tuned in to unhealthy fear.


Liberal politicians (such as the Whitewater City Council) believe that this fear and confusion will impact Trump’s re-election.


It is fairly clear that not one life is going to be saved by the people of Whitewater wearing masks. This is nothing more than a huge virtual signal by our extremely poor leadership.

Secrecy and Cowardice

I don’t typically read the Whitewater Banner, but I checked for a headline. Such a huge issue wasn’t even headlined in the Whitewater Banner. Being that Lynn Binnie is a writer for this rag, this tells me that Lynn Binnie didn’t want the hype prior to the meeting.

[I am offering a correction here. Binnie pointed out to me that less than two days prior to the meeting, the Banner posted a notice. This notice is currently in the archives of the Banner site.]

Same goes for next week’s meeting, when the Council kowtows to the anti-police effort. No mention in the Banner, again.

This meeting being online was truly an act of cowardice. These corrupt politicians could not even look us in the eye when they added this mandate. The mention late in the meeting of the councilmen not even addressing the concerns of the citizens was quite informative. Binnie assured us that he has read every comment.

Pardon my cynicism. My hunch is that an open records request would show this meeting was just a final formality.

Mark Chapter 12 (above)

I will follow this mandate. I already wear a mask where required, despite my inclination against, and my strong feeling that it does nothing. Jesus said it. I do it.

And with the trouble at the online workshop for the school district last night… how very unfortunate. I am sure I am not going to agree with the outcome; however I support our school board very strongly. I will follow their lead.

Driving home from Milwaukee yesterday, I thought about getting groceries. The work on 94W caused me to jump south to 18. The likely stop for groceries would then be Whitewater Walmart; however the new mask mandate drove me back north to Aldi’s Oconomowoc. There I bought $202.36 in groceries.

I don’t like having my freedoms taken. There are a lot of Whitewater residents that feel the same way I do. These actions were actually before I found out about our mandate here in Whitewater.

This mask mandate is roughly 150 days. If each day, half a dozen people do what I did…. punt on the mask requirement for another locale… plus another dozen punt on Whitewater Walmart due to masks…

This is going to happen. That Linn Binnie and Jim Allen and the rest of the City Council didn’t even consider this shows such a lack of wisdom, and a lack of knowing their own constituents…

So do the math… This will be a three million dollar hit for Walmart, and a two million dollar hit for the rest of Whitewater businesses.

Rest assured, Lynn Binnie and Jim Allen will continue to get their paychecks.