The Chosen

I have gotten a little away from myself since starting this blog a week or so ago. One of my goals with this blog is definitely not to WIN ARGUMENTS or even to ARGUE in the first place. As much of an issue as the mask mandate (county/city) is… well, I got sidetracked. Reached thousands of people, but not my goal.

I have found that I am not a journalist, not an English major…. (yet LOL).

One of my goals is definitely to share my Faith. If you are a Christian (or a conservative) in Whitewater, you are not alone. If I can convince one single person to take a forward step in their own Faith, then I have accomplished GREAT THINGS! That is what I believe. There is a Creator of this awesome universe, and it all starts and ends with HIM.

The starting point…. right there. Everything all around you…. all that beauty and splendor… all the green, the skies, the ducks and geese… they didn’t pop out of nowhere.

So, anyways….

I want to share… The Chosen. The entire first season is free on Youtube. It is very good. I have watched with my kids. You will be hooked.

So if you watch this, or have watched it…. let me know your thoughts. Send me an email to

Peace to you… have a great weekend.


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