Look to Christians and Conservatives to Lead our Kids Back to School

Looking at how schools are reacting to COVID-19, one thing is for certain… the stronger the Christian Faith, and the more conservative…the less fear, and the more leadership is shown towards getting our kids back to school.

Many liberal city councils, county boards, etc. have executed mask mandates… all without data showing that masks reduce the spread in areas where there are mask mandates…

For what?

The data in Walworth County, per county website (link) as of today:

20 deaths in Walworth county. Nineteen had pre-existing conditions. My source (yet to be confirmed) is that the one case without pre-existing conditions was over 70 years old (no diabetes or cancer).

13 of the deaths were over 80 years old.

What is going on right now is the very definition of living in fear.

What I see is those Christian private schools (the WELS schools, for example), will be open full time and on time.

I also see conservative communities much more willing to open than communities under liberal rule, such as Whitewater.

There is a direct relationship between the fear in one’s heart right now over COVID (particularly for those under 60) and their own Faith and their own common sense.

Who are you going to trust? The numbers and your own discernment, or the uber-liberal UW-W instructor feeling beholden to government CDC guidelines. Remember, she gets paid either way….

Politics are also a huge part of this. Liberal leadership and the main stream media desperately want to keep our kids home. They believe this helps their cause in November. Our leadership in Whitewater is, by far, the most liberal between Milwaukee and Madtown.

Virtual classes teach virtually nothing. My wish is that if there won’t be school in a month full time, that we scrap virtual and require teachers and students to get in the full amount of days, whether it means going into the summer or not.

I know this will not happen. I will support whatever the schools decide. My feeling is that kids will be back to school full time after Christmas no matter what.

So look to Christians and conservatives to lead the way for our children back to school.

So choose today who you will serve… will you serve your fear and your idols… as for me and my family, we will serve our children.