Is Whitewater City Council Defunding the Police?

Last week, I asked Whitewater City Council Chair Lynn Binnie (my words) how he came up with his decision to issue city wide mask mandate. I asked him specific questions about his knowledge of the impact to businesses, already from COVID and upcoming. I also asked for communications regarding the subject (open records request).

They were not easy questions, and my speculation is that they would show the lack of empathy Binnie and the Council had regarding businesses in Whitewater. He also had a strong chance to make his case, and prove me wrong. (I am wrong many, many times…. )

Binnie has yet to respond. I forwarded the questions to Carol McCormick and James Allen, in hopes that they would be able to provide the accountability that I have awaited from Binnie.

I also asked Binnie about the upcoming August 4th Common Council meeting in which they discuss progressive police reforms. Being that Binnie felt he graciously prepared the masses with his 430am Sunday morning warning on The Whitewater Banner for a Tuesday mask mandate… I wanted to get a jump on anything that may take place for the police.

I anxiously look to another 430am Whitewater Banner warning over

Is our common council closer to Seattle/Portland or Madison than they are to say … West Bend? I think the answer is fairly obvious. The survey they will be citing has no merit. It should not be cited as a source for any progressive action they want to take. The case can be made that it does not provide an accurate sample of their constituents.

Again … no comment from Common Council Chair Lynn Binnie in almost a week with regard to CC plans for progressive police reform.

What is going on right now is tyranny. These City Council members are hiding behind virtual meetings. There is no representation. They are not allowing for opposing voices.

We have a pretty good police chief right now. I hope he is not discouraged.

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