Analysis of the Process of Mandating Masks by the Whitewater City Council

One of the laws of politics in America today is that honest discussion drives real, positive change and dishonest discussion drives corrupt politics. Christians and conservatives feel that their free speech is being driven out by power-hungry leaders more intent on control than righteousness or goodness. When I hear Donald Trump, or Ron Johnson, or (I could go down the list of leaders nowadays – both political and sociological and Christian) look to honest statistics to drive honest discussions… I am refreshed. As someone that works in the private sector, having solved many gut-wrenching problems in my day… the need for honest discussion and honest facts is first and foremost.

And this brings us to the Whitewater City Council and their decision to mandate masks.

Important to understand … without the fear of COVID, there is no need for mail-in ballots. Without mail in ballots, there is no opportunity for progressive voter fraud. The mask mandate provides a source of this fear and a general dysfunction.

And especially with voter I.D. for this presidential election, the only way the progressives win Wisconsin is with fraud.

One of the first things Tony Evers did with COVID is provide opportunity for mail in ballots.

Not to mention:

Progressive Plan for Power

I tried to dig a little deeper into what drove the Whitewater City Council to mandating masks. I got mixed results.

So far, after asking three city councilmen (and women) questions that drove their decisions to the mask mandate… I have received no data showing masks work. I have received no data or analysis showing the financial impact of masks.

Lynn Binnie did respond to my email request. Jim Allen responded to my email request with a bit of emotion, but did not answer my questions. Carol McCormick did not even acknowledge my email.

Binnie answered some of my questions. For the sake of objectivity, his responses are below:

My analysis of his answers:

  • Again, no data. Without data all he has is an opinion.
  • I found it interesting that he tried to hide behind ex parte. My expectation would be that he would ask vested stakeholders. Ex parte not really at odds with such discussion. And he writes that he discussed this with citizens who prefer masks.
  • Binnie implicitly makes the case that mask mandates are better for Whitewater businesses (insert eyeroll).
  • The talking point I expected … that the statewide mandate will nullify any effect on businesses. I interpret his argument as a reference to going to Elkhorn for dinner instead of staying in Whitewater. Not considered was just staying home. Also, the Whitewater mandate goes thru the election until Jan1. Evers mandate ends in September (barring inevitable intervention from legislature or Wisconsin Supreme Court)…
  • I asked him how many Wisconsinites have died from COVID and he did not respond. It is hard to make the case for masks when only 12 confirmed Wisconsinites (without pre-existing conditions) have died from COVID. This is where my reference to honest discussion comes into play.
  • I asked Lynn how many lives would be saved and he did not respond. Again… it is very hard to produce an educated answer to this question and still make the case for masks.
  • Overall, the answers were very transparent.

So my overall feeling is that there was no such honest discussion about masks. That only progressive leadership in Wisconsin is instituting mask mandates tells me this is a very partisan, political decision by a group of progressive acolytes.