Monday Morning Sermon (and by “Morning” I mean “Evening”) – 8.17.20

Writing this a little late today. I was on a long weekend with my kids, camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

My intention was to post a sermon/podcast from Bald Head Bible Podcast, but driving home I listened to two great sermons. Both seemed to touch upon identity. My opinion is that identity is so key in your relationship with Father/Son/Holy Spirit …

The first is from Josh Amstutz @ Lakeland Community Church in Williams Bay (or Lake Geneva or Elkhorn, depending on who tells you the location).

As a child of God, acting with patience and Grace and Love and Self-Control are part of the deal. These things are possible. Great sermon.

Second sermon came from Steven Furtick again out of Elevation:

Furtick has been firing on all cylinders, and his sermons touch my heart.

So give them a shot. Let me know what you think….



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