Time for Whitewater Kids to go Back to School

I have not spoken out dramatically concerning our kids and the reopening of the schools (virtual). I have been patient to see how this all plays out.

I can write now, having seen what has transpired that it is time for our kids to be back in school buildings. I have several factors helping determine this:

Virtual Schooling doesn’t provide the same value as in-person.

First and foremost, the teachers and staff have done a great job preparing for the virtual teaching. Absolutely great job.

There is only so much that can be done virtually. Our kids need to interact with the whole class in person. Life is about relationships, and these horizontal relationships are as important, if not more important, than the book learning.

I also have to imagine at this point, even the teachers want to be back in school. This virtual learning looks tougher than classroom learning.

The fear over COVID-19 is simply not rational.

We all recognize the uncertainty that came in March. There is much more certainty now. The fear is simply unfounded. As a community, we need to understand the latest.

If not for the news, would you even know COVID-19 was a pandemic? I would not. I do not know of anyone under the age of sixty, with no underlying conditions, that has died of COVID-19. I do not know anyone that knows anyone who knows someone under the age of sixty, with no underlying conditions, that has died of COVID-19.

Schools all around Whitewater have the plan for kids to be in school in person.

  • Elkhorn – In Person
  • Jefferson – In Person
  • Delavan – In Person
  • Janesville – In Person
  • Fort Atkinson – In Person
  • All area private schools are in person

A “case” of COVID-19 does not have much significance (if at all), compared to a hospitalization or a death.

I hate to go thru the stats; however we all know how this works. Most young people would not even know they have caught the virus had it not been for the test.

To add a comparison…. our bodies take in something like this ALL THE TIME. We have an immune system that functions as it should.

And there was, of course, the two news stories (kind of swept under the rug) that came out last week:

and … per the CDC….

So, if you are following along here …. only 10,000 deaths in the U.S. did not have underlying conditions.

And how many of these 10,000 deaths are under the age of sixty? My guess is under a thousand.

And that is why you don’t know anyone who knows anyone (w/o underlying conditions) who died from COVID-19.

So let’s get our kids back to school in Whitewater.

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