Discerning Whitewater Notes – 9.21.20


I want to take this moment and wish everyone a great week. I more/less took last week off of writing for Discerning Whitewater as I was buried in parenting and work.

I have also been praying about how to move Discerning Whitewater forward. I do not want this to be primarily political. I really want to focus on positives: hope, love, peace (I sound like a hippy LOL) … but at the same time, our values are under attack. So I hope for some balance, and as many positives as I can squeeze out. I also want to focus on Faith; how being a Christian today has it’s challenges, but also many rewards (Kingdom Come is very real).

Eventually, I also want to write about being a single dad (half the time 🙂 ). The unique challenges of this generation of fathers (not just us divorced guys).

So, with that …. I want to share the posts that are upcoming (in no particular order):

  • Discerning COVID
  • Trippe Lake Update
  • Encouragement
  • Spurgeon Inspires
  • Your Anger is Righteous; Your Actions are Not
  • Single Fatherhood – The Mission
  • The Fiefdom – Review of the Last Two Weeks

So there it is. My work for the next week or so. If you have thoughts on any of these, please share with me.


This meme has no purpose. I am just excited about Mandalorian S2

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