The Fiefdom – Review of the last two weeks

Been a crazy last couple weeks:

To think about all that transpired in the last two weeks with city politics is enough to make one’s head spin.

My goal is not to just pick apart our leaders; however let me be clear. My belief is that all of this over-reaching will have zero impact on COVID hospitalizations and deaths, BUT it has and will continue to have an economic impact.

Side note: I asked Chair Binnie (a month or so ago) if he was aware of any other businesses in Whitewater that were at risk due to COVID-19. He told me no.

When I asked him this… I, myself, was aware that the Sweet Spot was for sale. Did he not know?

Between our email conversations, his propensity for weak talking points, and his obsession for following the latest progressive agendas (#DefundThePolice, COVID fear), I see no use in discussions with him. Whitewater needs new leadership.

City Council Special Meeting 9.9.20 rehash:

I went back and listened to about thirty seconds…. still amazed at how the City Council kept whining about hearing from those against the latest nanny-state ordinance. Just because, here is the meeting if you want to skim it…. The fear …. the need to DO SOMETHING!!

I believe noteworthy here is the willingness from my buddy Wally (City Attorney) to move this forward. He imho demonstrates why the need for new leadership in Whitewater extends to the bureaucrats.

The University just goes ahead and does it anyways (link here):

Which again invokes my favorite C.S. Lewis quote:

I am going to award comment of the week to Nicholas Bentel:

The Followup from the Janesville Gazette:

One of the points during the fear mongering by the statists was that Whitewater (paraphrase) has more students per capita than other Wisconsin universities. And the Janesville Gazette does their part with an article to support just a few days later:

I thought about doing a “fact check” on this because I think it’s #FAKENEWS, or at least isn’t completely honest. UWW serves Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Delavan, Elkhorn, Palmyra, Eagle, East Troy … to name a few.

Just saying, it was noteworthy how quickly the Gazette ran to this “story”.

School Board Meeting

Then the school board meeting where they decided to let the kids finally go back to school Sept 28th.

I actually don’t have a huge opinion on this. I am not fearful of COVID. My kids are doing fine, and I feel like this is going to end by Christmas anyways, with the election and the vaccine.

I did think this was going to happen, sooner rather than later. The teachers clearly were challenged by the virtual stuff, and so many kids left the district.

City Council Regular Meeting

Didn’t watch a single second of it. Heard Brandon Thomas didn’t even show up to get his participation trophy.

My thoughts on all of this:

  • Are we supposed to be so fearful of a case of COVID-19?
  • Our city leadership really needs some common sense members. More on that in a future blog post.
  • Fort Atkinson closed their schools (in person). It will be interesting to see how this all works out in Whitewater.
  • Blows me away … the need to DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING! Lynn Binnie, put your trust in your Heavenly Father!
  • Everything done by the city (masks) and the university will probably have zero effect on fatalities or even hospitalizations. It will, however, have quite the effect on the local economy.
  • Again (personal note)… the teachers are imho working very hard for this virtual stuff…. but my opinion as well is we are all better off with in person schools.
  • So now the kids party in smaller groups, in basements, at bars… Greg Cook’s first move is such a disappointment.
  • September 28th the statewide mandate for masks ends (barring an extension by Evers). Whitewater will continue to have a mandate until the end of the year.
  • These city councilmen need to get out of their basements and have a real meeting.

Alright, that’s a wrap. On a personal note, I made three loaves of bread tonight. I was entirely sick of cheap, weak Walmart/Aldi’s bread. I wanted something with some mass to it.

God Bless…. happy Monday,

~ mike

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