Battle Prep – 27Oct2020

As I wrote Monday, I did not like the term “meditations” as far as branding goes, so I changed it to “Battle Prep”; and if you don’t think we are in a battle…. I have news for you….

One of my goals here (long term) is to make the case that being strong physically, worldly should not – ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT – mean that you do not share your Faith. If you have little Faith, think bout what you need to do jump start… maybe it is a small group, reading the Bible, fellowship, service… I would make the case that my Faith has allowed me to handle some pretty tough things in my life.

Do you believe Jesus died for your sins? Would your Faith be described as maybe lukewarm… maybe you have not been going to church or serving or praying… but you feel you would take a bullet in a second for Christ? If that is you, it is time to take those next steps… do it 🙂

And the more untamed you are, the more visible Glory to God the Father in your life there will be… maybe for coworkers, maybe for family members, for friends …. maybe for your son or daughter.

That is strength.

Word. If you have a breath left, he is not done with you.


Truth squared. You have a one hundred per cent chance of success with Christ. You have a zero chance of success without him.

Confession… I have not yet listened to TD Jakes’ sermon below as of yet; however I love the title. I will listen to it tonight as I work late.

I love the topic of Grace. I also love listening to the sermons of TD Jakes. If you listen to this, feel free to comment or send me an email.

Much Peace and Grace and Love to you,


(especially to my heart and soul young lady -xoxo)

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