Four Whitewater City Council Seats Up for Grabs on April 6th.

Giving the bottom line up front: Time is very short for conservatives to make a difference over the next couple years in Whitewater.

City Council

2020 was quite a year for our City Council. Haplessly led by Lynn Binnie, our city council spent such a huge amount of taxpayer resources chasing the progressive issue du jour. They aligned themselves with rioters and ANTIFA supporters when the progressive issue was defunding the police (a work still in progress with our city council). They needlessly followed that up with mask mandates, just as Whitewater businesses were suffering financial strains.

Four Seats are up for grabs on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021. It sounds like all incumbents are running.

  • Councilmember AD 1 Carol McCormick
  • Councilmember AD 3 Brienne Diebolt Brown
  • Councilmember AD 5 Greg Majkrzak II
  • Councilmember at Large Patrick Singer

Today, 1 December 2020, was the day to start petition drive for a seat on the city council. One would have until Tuesday, 5 January 2021 @ 5pm to complete this paperwork.

This is a pretty large opportunity. The spring election will also include the school board, so it will be a big deal.

Conservatives must be intentional. I encourage my readers to think about running for a city council seat. If you want to discuss, send me a note. If you are running and you need resources, let’s be intentional and figure it out.

If you are concerned about getting out of your comfort zone… remember you can’t do much worse than the status quo here in Whitewater.

I also encourage my readers to share and subscribe here directly to the website. With the current direction of suppression of Big Tech, such as Facebook… the shortest distance between two points is a straight line (not through what FB chooses to filter).


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