Why Christmas Is So Important

One job on which I focus as a father is to prepare my children for the world. We are going to have so many trials in our lives. I understand, thru my own trials, the path to joy and happiness and everything that goes along with it… that path is thru Christ. I pray about it, discuss it with fellowship, read the Bible and Christian teachings.

Accepting that exists a loving and omnipotent God is the first step. Understanding that he wants to be a friend and a part of our lives comes shortly thereafter.

Digging into the Bible helps us understand why Jesus’ death on the cross so perfectly provides us with salvation. His death and Resurrection are not disputed.

The history of the Old Testament … the failure of man’s ability to keep the laws… and the Jewish people’s longing for this Savior.

And the people believed Jesus was going to save them from Roman oppression; but what Jesus did was so much better… fulfilling all of those prophesies from the Old Testament.

And you can have a piece of it…. right now.

Thy Kingdom Come.

Christmas. I wish everyone an awesome Christmas.


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