Tom Ganser in Voting Room During Election

Progressive Whitewater School Board Candidate Tom Ganser was standing idle in the voting room at the Whitewater Armory this morning @ approximately 1115am.

This morning at 1115am I took an early lunch and went to vote at the Whitewater Armory. I walked in and stood there for several minutes. There were two people apparently in front of me. The one in front was Dr. Watson, UWW Chancellor. The second guy I did not immediately recognize as his back was to me. After a few minutes, the poll worker called me to go to her. At this point, I thought the other guy in line was maybe a poll worker. I was #342. I turned to look and saw it was Tom Ganser, who is currently on the ballot for Whitewater School Board. I hesitated a moment, then asked him if he was a candidate for the school board. He confirmed this with me. I asked him if he felt it was appropriate to be in the voting room. He said he was taking pictures. Then the poll workers expressed their comfort with his presence. I told him that he felt is was appropriate to be in the room then by all means stay. He then told me he had just voted. This again didn’t make sense. Why was he there talking to me if he had just been done voting? And why was his camera out? And why were the poll workers making excuses for him?

Tom Ganser turned and left at that point.

Let me be clear …. I will gladly sign an affidavit for all of this. I hope this gets a good look.

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