Perspective on the Performance of the Whitewater City Council and City Administration over the Last Year

Imagine if all of the hours spent by the Whitewater Common Council working with the Marxist 8CANTWAIT group and the adolescent university professors was spent on business development?

Imagine if Cameron Clapper’s time spent evaluating redundant mask mandates was actually spent going to businesses, asking what he can do (as a public servant ??) to help during?

What if bureaucrat City Attorney Wally McDonnell spent more time encouraging businesses to come to Whitewater, and what the city can do with ordinances, instead of debating if college kids should be allowed to play bags on their front lawns?

What if Lynn Binnie spent more time going after businesses and less time on his blog, posting highly controversial COVID numbers, and projecting fear on his friends, church, and neighbors?

What the redundant mask mandate, the DefundThePolice movement, and 2020 all have in common for our common council is a self-serving desire to chase socialist rainbows and approval from worldly values. And we will be paying the price for a long time to come.

Something to think about as all of our taxes go up as a direct result of the rainbow chasing of this city administration and city council.

Peace OUT,


PS – I encourage you to follow my blog if you like the content. I do this so men and women in Whitewater do not feel alone in their thoughts. We live in a crazy world. And there will come a day that Facebook and the like will get rid of me.

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