6Apr21 – Vote Tuesday as though your child’s education depends on it

This is a fairly interesting election. Common sense, working Whitewater residents have an opportunity I would feel is fairly rare with the school board election.

Maryann Zimmerman has worked very hard to gain the votes of Whitewater residents. She has my vote, as does Larry Kachel.

Incumbent Tom Ganser…. I have seen no Ganser signs in yards. Maybe the exist, but I have seen none. If re-elected, I hope he works harder for the students than he did for his campaign. I assume he sees a huge advantage coming from the leviathan university and misc educators in the school district.

I have heard socialism described as “theft of the productive by the unaccountable.” We have a very rare opportunity tomorrow….. to hold accountability to the incumbent that kept our kids home, against the wishes of three-quarters of parents. Not to mention the pending dramatic tax increases due to the loss of students (going to all neighboring districts as they all were in school more than Whitewater).

Peace. Vote.


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