Blog Notes – 31May2021

“Serenity under the rush and roar of unexpected evil is a precious gift of divine love.” – Spurgeon

With Mental Health Awareness Month ending in a few hours, I would like to start this post with a PSA (Public Service Announcement): PRAY. If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, anger, whatever ….. start by praying. God the Father listens. Jesus listens. The Holy Spirit listens.

I took about a month off from posting here… I have been pretty busy with work, kids, and other activities. I also wanted to do a bit of a reset in my mind and in my heart…. the short answer to this reset is a strong desire to ensure my blog posts are appropriately representing my Faith. I do not want to add to the horrid rhetoric we hear in our country and in the world right now.

<Adding to the thoughts above> As I am not shy about my Faith… I believe dealing in politics (writing about political issues, even local ones) requires much discipline thru prayer. Politics is enemy territory, and I believe the enemy comes at those whose motives and ideas are righteous by making their actions unrighteous… by acting out impulsively or with anger or fear.

And I have had just a crazy last week to ten days. Running on fumes… tired, stressed….

So I am coming up on a year of DiscerningWhitewater… June 12th. There have been some wins, some learnings, many learnings 🙂 …. I will have more about this on a future blog post; but for now just know I plan on posting something every day or two. I should have some good topics:

  • I will have an update on the Trippe Lake fiasco….
  • I also will have an update on the Seniors in the Park scaring Senior Citizens (link here). I have been patient, but after over a month the city has not responded to my open records request (other than the initial acknowledgement). And…. not to give away a good future post 🙂 , but City Administrator Cameron Clapper has strongly advocated for the fear mongering and scare tactics. There is also a lot more to this story…..
  • I want to begin to address the Spring Election for 2022. If you are in City Aldermanic #4 (by the schools), 2022 will be a great opportunity to rid the city of a socialist chief city councilman.
  • Semi-final word on masks. In short, I believe masks will be back in 2024.
  • I want to articulate why talking points are so dishonest and manipulative. I would like to believe I have found some wisdom in expressing this.
  • I want to make the case against Mark Zuckerburg.
  • I want to discuss the next steps for the socialists in America ….. what are the next escalations?
  • I have a few book reviews I want to do 🙂

So anyways, I strongly encourage you to subscribe to my blog if you have not already…. especially if you are following only on facebook…. I believe the day will come that conservatives and Christians will not be given less and less free speech on such mediums.


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