Time is now to put a stop to fear and masks

Here in Whitewater, we do not have much control over Biden or Evers; however locally we have the ability to resist the fear mongering by the left. Today, the CDC (LINK):

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Tuesday that fully vaccinated individuals should wear masks in certain indoor areas and advised universal masking for schools regardless of individuals’ vaccination status

I have no faith in the CDC. This lack of faith has been earned many times over.

What is done … is done. It is time to take the lessons learned…. particularly with regard to trust…and apply them in the best way to raise our kids.

I believe this.

I have put together a letter for Whitewater residents to sign. The letter below:

Dearest Members of the Whitewater School Board and Administration,

The hard work and empathy of the teachers and school administration has been exemplary over the last sixteen months.  As residents and/or parents of children in the Whitewater Unified School District, we want to take a moment and stress the need to move forward, for the sake of our children. 

There is talk, across the state, that mask mandates for many school will be implemented AFTER the school has received the state funding for the year (in September). We want our position regarding masks made very clear. Please take the time to understand.  

As a parent, we (individually) have the ultimate responsibility of the safety and education of my child. We can promise that we have taken the time to make our own discernment regarding.  After sixteen months of masks, no conclusive data is present that masks, over long periods of time, provide any effectiveness whatsoever. 

Our observation of masks and other “precautions” taken by schools across the country is an irrational fear (while any fear is unhealthy) disproportionate to the loss that has taken place due to COVID-19. 

This fear has resulted in so many Americans with fear-related psychological symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, and such.  Our feeling is this damage far, far outweighs positive (if any?) tradeoffs from masks. 

As members of this community, it is necessary to make you aware that our kids will be pulled from the district (where possible) if any mask mandate is even attempted any time under the current (or similar) conditions. 

Also, our understanding is that there will be a referendum in the near future. The loss of such a large number of students last year was very specifically due to the actions of the school board.  As a resident of the school district, my vote will be categorically against the pending referendum should our children’s well being be compromised by masks and the resultant continued departure of students from the district.

Please understand that this letter comes from a place of love of this community. Thank you for your time.

If you are a resident of the district, and you wish to sign on to this letter either because you would vote against the pending referendum or due to concerns for your kids, please send me an email to mike@mspd-llc.net (please include a confirmation that you are a school district resident, if you have kids in the school, and if your spouse is to be included in the letter).

I also ask that if you would be interested in updates, please subscribe to my blog, as direct emails will bypass social media. Also, please share as you see fit. This fight appears to be on our doorstep.


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