Thoughts on the 8.9.21 WWUSD School Board Meeting

Nice Rally and Win for Whitewater Parents

My synopsis of the WWUSD School Board Meeting (specifically with regard to the masks and the in-person meetings topics):

  • District Superintendent Caroline Pate-Hefty presented data confirming what common-sense parents have known all along…. that masks really don’t have any positive impact on the physical health of students. Data from Dr. Pate-Hefty:
Impotence of Masks in Schools
  • No vote was even taken regarding masks at the start of the school year.
  • With regard to opening up the school board meetings to their constituents…. this is finally happening on a limited basis in the library (capacity limits will be in place).

If you want to check out the meeting, here it is (above).

My thoughts:

  • Overall, we have a pretty good school board. The addition of Maryann and Larry are the best for which Whitewater could have hoped in Spring ’21 election. Jen K. is a rock, Thayer did a great job running the meeting and Jim Stewart is rock solid as well.
  • Steve Ryan is a little disappointing to me. Prior to the meeting, Steve shared his family reasons for demanding such control. Such a level of fear I simply want no part.

 “Facing my constituents” does not mean that I have to sit in a room with people who may or not be vaccinated nor wearing a mask…

Direct quote in an email from Steve Ryan to me earlier in the week
  • I am glad the board decided to allow their constituents in future meetings.

Other thoughts not directly pertaining to the meeting:

  • It was nice to be a part of parents that have gotten mildly organized. Common-sense parents and constituents need to be pushed a little harder to organize. They are not so prone to fear, are typically private-sector employees that have been working nonstop, and do not have a hankering for policy. This last year in Whitewater, with the loss of so many students to open enrollment, has triggered such a push.
  • Earlier in the day on Monday, Lake Geneva schools published a survey in which 81% of parents wanted the option for masks. There is no reason to believe Whitewater would be any different. BUT…. if 13/28 letters received were in favor of mask mandates…. that shows the fear and control of the 19%.
  • It was nice to hear from parents via the blog or emails or in person. Keep your powder dry, the next fight (I am told by very reliable sources) is CRT.

Is it Friday yet? Peace,


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