Think About Running for City Council

My Copy Editor is excited that I am back to writing for DW

Greetings to those who still follow this blog after such a long period of silence. My last post was October 17th…. almost two months ago. I had a big project at work, plus the whole single dad thing (kids’ sports and extracurriculars), plus my commitments with regard to Jesus has left me very little time to myself.

Among the most enjoyable times I have spent over the last few months has been attending UW-W football games. We have a special team here. The loss to MH-B on Saturday was crushing.

When I started this blog back in mid-2020, my first post and topic was the mask mandate. Amazing how I could not have been more correct about masks. Whitewater City Council seemed to have constant debates about mask mandates and other restrictions, even getting to the point where City Council Lead Lynn Binnie wanted to restrict college students from playing bags in their front yards.

We have since learned that masks, while providing no measurable value with regard to the spread of COVID, are more about power and hypocrisy. Those in government (and aligned with the Swamp) are so hell bent on the fear and power…. completely apparent to me is that masks will be around until people truly revolt. As much as I love UWW basketball and hanging out (working) at the UC, I will not spend $$$ on mask related activities at UWW. And the UWW doesn’t seem to care… they have all their GenZ borrowed money keeping them afloat.

Shortly after the mask mandates started hitting, our City Council announced their support for Black Lives Matter. I spent a decent amount of time addressing my concerns with their ties to people that want to Defund the Police.

Add to the mix the disaster regarding Trippe and Cravath Lake. More on that in a future blog post.

Our City Council Desperately Needs Mature Leadership

City Council Chair has announced that he will not be running again in 2022. This is addition by subtraction of the highest magnitude. Binnie seems to be more concerned about his pronouns than he is about true economic development in Whitewater. After a couple conversations with him, I quickly realized that if I wanted to hear his talking points, I could watch MSNBC in the morning. He seemed to spend his free time posting highly controversial COVID numbers and projecting fear.

Jim Allen has voted alongside the progressives on the city council with regard to progressive diversity as well as mask mandates.

Common sense Whitewater residents … those that seek real economic growth for all income levels, those that are sick of the useless and intrusive mask mandates, and those that do not agree with the work our City Council has done with Black Lives Matter (please see my previous blog posts regarding this)…..

These common sense Whitewater residents need to consider running for City Council.

And it needs to happen in December…. Think about it.

So if you have comments, please let me know. Also, please think about subscribing to my blog. I plan on picking up the activity level here and you can get updates.

Peace to you all…


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