Have You Checked Out Whitewater’s Only Candidate for County Board?

Election season is upon us. God help us.

This morning, a guy that shall remain anonymous clued me into the latest of the Progressive/Marxist cabal in Whitewater to enter the political arena.

So Al Stanek is running for County Board. I have never met him. I recognized his name from his posts from the Whitewater Banner blog.

Again, a guy that shall remain anonymous clued me also into his Facebook posts. You cannot make this stuff up…..

The first post caught my attention (above)…. does Whitewater really want this guy representing them on the County Board?

This could be a neverending display of craziness….. but here goes:

rationalizing gas prices
Is there any question how Stanek would vote on countywide masks?
I am always leary of people that compare out-of-control government spending to letting people keep their own hard earned money.
I struggle to understand the logic behind this hearsay; however nonetheless this certainly has not aged well.

Stanek is fairly obsessed with Ron Johnson, Jan 6th, and Donald Trump.

It is kinda funny that Stanek claims that Nass (a state senator) couldn’t get elected dog catcher. What’s next? The Bucks will never win an NBA Championship?
Does Whitewater really want to be represented on the county board by a guy afraid to leave his house (and tells you to stay home too!!)
300k vets by Sept last year? Might want to check that… these certainly did not age well….
The mockers and the hypocrites….
Another one that did not age well…
Neverending Trump Obsession

The thing about the Trump obsession is imho …. they hate Trump, but that is not what their hatred is truly about. They hate freedom. They have an unquenchable lust for power….

And, of course….

What’s a woke Marxist/progressive without a shot at cops?

As of today, there have been ~100 COVID deaths under the age of 35 in all of Wisconsin (with 94% of deaths having comorbidities). But according to Stanek, 12 deaths in Rock from the first half of 2020 were under the age of 35….

Does Whitewater really want a leader in county government that spreads such lies?

Explanation not necessary

What’s next? RUSSIA?

Of course.

I grow tired of the fear mongering, the anger, the lies, the lack of leadership, the hypocrisy, the lust for power, the lack of self control…..

Whitewater is going to get stuck with this guy if someone with common sense does not step forward. There is still time to get signatures. I will help you, going door to door if necessary.

And please share…. and join my email list if you so desire:

And have a great week…..


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