Not Planning on Forgetting – Jen Kienbaum

Spring Election 2022 for the Whitewater School Board has four candidates for two spots. Two common sense conservatives are on the ballot, Andrea Svec and Jen Kienbaum. Two progressives are also on the ballot, Miguel Aranda and Joseph Kromholz.

I am excited about several candidates on the ballot for multiple positions this spring. I plan on writing about each race (maybe multiple times). This first post is dedicated to Jen Kienbaum.

A year ago at this time, we replaced two school board members with Larry Kachel and Maryann Zimmerman. From that point on our kids were in schools permanently and without mask requirements. As quickly as history has looked upon this situation, the vast majority of Americans agree that the cost of these shutdowns and mandates was too great, particularly for our children.

Prior to this, Fall 2020 our debate raged in Whitewater… do we send our kids to school? Every surrounding area (Elkhorn, Delavan, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Palmyra/Eagle) all had their kids in school.

And yet the progressive machine in Whitewater, filled with fear so desperately wanted to keep our kids home.

Fall 2020, there was only one Whitewater School Board member who fought to keep our kids in school. Jen Kienbaum.

And she could not have been more correct. At that time, she was the only one.

So Jen Kienbaum has my full endorsement and my vote for Whitewater School Board.

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