This is an Invite

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Just under two years ago I started this blog. It was a relatively impulsive move. The abusive mask mandates were starting (Walworth County Board was considering) and the Whitewater Common Council had aligned themselves with the #DefundThePolice movement. (You are welcome to check my archives for these details).

Somewhere along that timeline, I was invited to the home of an local conservative. The discussion specifically was about finally taking action. And it worked. Maryann Zimmerman was elected to the school board.

I was disappointed last year that no common-sense conservative ran for city council (Lisa Dawsey Smith may be exception).

This year has been even better. Jill Gerber (running unopposed) seems to be a huge step up from progressive acolyte and city council chair Lynn Binnie. Chuck Mills is taking on establishment candidate Jim Allen, and he is going to win.

With open seat to county board Air Force Veteran Curt Knoll going against looney progressive Al Stanek (see link here for Al Stanek’s facebook page … >

School Board has two seats up for grabs, with incumbent Jen Kienbaum and Jim Stewart’s old position up for grabs. With two common-sense conservative seats up for grabs, our kids’ welfare is at stake.

So my invite to you is GET INVOLVED. The result of my involvement has been meeting absolutely wonderful people. I could not ask for better.

So get a yard sign or two or four.

Attend the Spaghetti Dinner at the old Subway on Sunday the 20th. Link Here:

Come by yourself and talk to me, or bring a friend. My understanding is that candidates may speak.

Be a part of this…. the progressive cabal in Whitewater has taken notice. Be a part of it.

Because next year is going to be awesome too… we go after Carol McCormick (maybe yours truly) and Brienne Brown. And …. we will replace the three progressives on the school board (I would have to imagine that Casey Judd knows his time is up.)

So be a part of it. It is too fun to miss.

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