Why I Am Voting For Andrea Svec for WUSD School Board

I recently shared my thoughts on Jen Kienbaum as a stalwart for WUSD School Board (link here).

My thoughts regarding Andrea Svec are very similar. I have met and talked with Andrea Svec a number of times. She is smart, candid, and has a genuine and mature sense of leadership that she brings to our community.

I do not plan on forgetting the school board election of last year. Going into the spring election, there were four candidates for two spots:

  • Maryann Zimmerman
  • Tom Ganser
  • Larry Kachel
  • Andrea Svec

Ganser, being the only progressive on the ballot, and the incumbent, had the opportunity to split the vote between the three common-sense candidates.

I have never discussed this with Andrea… but she informally bowed out of the race. She stopped campaigning. Doing this, she eliminated the risk presented above. The result was Zimmerman and Kachel being elected to our school board.

This is a huge deal to me. Splitting this vote would have meant the progressives (along with Ryan and school board President Casey Judd (see link here)) would have had a majority.

Had the progressives had the majority, masks and in-person attendance may not have been an option. So I appreciate Andrea’s selflessness last year. She is a fantastic candidate. Andrea has my unwavering vote and support for Whitewater School Board.


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