The Single Biggest Factor in Every Election and Every Election To Come

Tuesday’s election has conservatives bewildered. I was excited to watch the results come in; however, by 930pm I was asleep. I had quickly figured out that this was going to be a tough night. I had enough. Revealed to me, today, was the path America has been on and what needs to happen in order to bring America back. Ironically, what needs to happen is ultimately inevitable. Whether Americans act voluntarily or under great duress is left to be decided.

Mail in ballots are a huge factor. Dems in big cities have maximized the vote with these mail in ballots. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin, our Republican legislature has chosen to ignore the will of the people and correct this. The tooth paste cannot be put back into the tube. 

My analysis begins with my own personal history. I have been an engineer for twenty-five years. Early in my career I went thru (as many mechanical engineers do) six sigma / lean training. Making a process leaner always begins with a deep analysis. Each step of the process is reviewed to whether or not it provides value to the customer. Machining a tapped hole into a cylinder head provides value to the customer. Moving that cylinder head from one location to another does not provide the customer value.

So apply this to America. Building cars provides value. Teaching Gender Studies does not provide value. Agriculture, forestry, energy… they all provide economic value. Restaurants and service industry provide some value, and help with velocity (circulation of money), but no one would go to restaurants if America was not producing anything…. That’s a pretty simple argument to make.  (Unless, of course America is borrowing trillions of dollars to keep the money flowing). 

For America to be healthy, America needs to produce. And in the last fifty years, America has produced less and less…. And borrowed more and more.

No form of government produces. While having value, teaching (at any level) does not directly add value to the American economy. The case can be made that learning how to weld a pipe or manage accounting books indirectly provides value.  Regulations cost trillions of American dollars every year (some necessary).

So in the last fifty years, has government gotten larger or smaller?  Obama doubled the size of government and it has doubled again since Barry.  With that growth of government comes massive negative impact to America’s propensity to produce. 

But it is so much worse than just the growth of government.

My theory is that the biggest factor in voting for big, progressive government is reliance on the government. The progressives have made government dependence an art form. They have social security and they have medicare. Recipients of these live in fear of having their benefits reduced. How many times have we seen the threats of “throwing granny over the cliff”. Also, the progressive have all of the housing and welfare programs.

But it is so much worse than just entitlements. Big government rules with an iron fist with regard to regulation. Big government has also become a major consumer of many of these large companies (Google, Amazon, etc.) and their greed has them doing whatever they are asked from Uncle Joe. That could be mandatory vaccines or suppressing conservative voices.  Now progressives are pushing progressive compliance scores in the name of ESG.  CEOs are now, more than ever, not focused on producing a product as they are kowtowing to progressive government. 

It is so much worse than these basic entitlements and big government infiltrating big business. Millennials and Gen Z, having fallen to the temptation, owe over a trillion dollars to the government in the form of student loans. Student loans have now become an entitlement. Borrowers fear the day they need to pay back even a portion of these massive loans. These student loans have financed progressive ideology for far too long. These borrowers are completely and totally beholden to big government. Their anxiety regarding this must be tremendous.

This system is not sustainable. 

I would argue it is even worse than just what I listed above. I believe that among the entitlements are all of those employed at all levels of government. What percentage of government employees, their spouses and kids, vote Democrat?  90%+? This is what election results in Madison (and locally in Whitewater) imply. 

And as government has gotten larger, the amount that America produces has decreased proportionally.  Again, this system is not sustainable.

So my argument is that the dramatic increase of all of the above has us literally at a tipping point. Government dependence is, in my humble opinion, the greatest factor in the rise of progressivism.  The accompanying moral decay silences dissenters out of fear.  This is the only explanation of how Mandela Barnes … a worthless candidate with no history of producing anything … can almost get elected to the U.S. Senate. Ds care more about their entitlements than they do America.  And don’t get me started on Fetterman. 

One of two things are going to happen. The first is America runs out of money. With inflation at 8% with no solution in sight, and national debt completely ant totally out of control….combined with the moral decay of America…

The other thing that can happen (maybe even at an individual level) is people resist the temptation of these entitlements and chase the American dream. They become entrepreneurs and produce, in hopes of a life not beholden to government. They create jobs. They teach their kids to produce. They also teach their kids to love their God and their neighbor. They become peacemakers.

So it is not about abortion or tweets or personality. Those are all distractions.  It is all about government dependence. 

Let me know why I am right or wrong.  Peace and love, Subscribe here.


2 thoughts on “The Single Biggest Factor in Every Election and Every Election To Come

  1. As I sit in a tractor at 1040pm, reading how no one wants to work anymore, I can’t but think you are on to something. I just hope this crash comes soon, so I can bear the brunt of it, not my younger family.


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