Stop Listening To Them

Merry Christmas to you!

Personal note before my rant 🙂 … Been to long it has! Since I last wrote here. I enjoy writing here. I enjoy the feedback I receive. To be totally honest, while I love writing, this blog is not my top priority. My job has been busy. Being a single dad has kept me busy with all of the kids’ activities. Those two alone do not give me a ton of time to myself. My time to myself is usually spent walking my dog, Cruiser and maybe a half hour of reading (and an adult beverage) before bed.

I spent my free time in the fall as an assistant coach in Whitewater Youth Football. I enjoyed it more than the kids. There really is something about football… watching the growth of these young men. Neal Kolb does an amazing job leading that organization.

Quick note on local politics; funny how I went back and forth with new (then interim) city manager John Weidl over the talking points he presented over the referendum. How many times did we citizens hear that our taxes would “go down”?

Shocked, I was …. I tell you. Shocked. My taxes went up. My city taxes went thru the roof; and, of course, my overall tax burden increased at all.

Of course I am being cynical here. I knew all along this was the case. $40k+ on a PR campaign to tell us our taxes were going down… if your taxes went up, you were lied to. However, at this point, with the referendum passing by such a huge margin I am sure the elitists in charge are regretting not asking for more.

The city truly is a hopeless cause. I have pondered running for city council but now is not the time for me and city council. In my district, currently Carol McCormick’s district, there are currently two candidates running, UWW lecturer Brian Schanen and David Stone. Enough about city politics.

School Board is another story. Now would be the time to run for School Board if you are considering. There is such a huge opportunity for improvement.

The terms for both these guys (plus Thayer Coburn) are up for grabs. Before you ask, yes… this is a recent photo. These two guys are still wearing masks at school board meetings. One can draw a straight line from the policies of Ryan and Judd to the failures in test scores over the last couple years.

So RUN for School Board.

Alright …. to my topic.

Do not listen to these people… the people that claim you are a victim. Nothing good will come of it. If someone tells you that you are a victim, you need to RUN. They want to manipulate you. They always want something from you.

Victimhood is tied to a sick soul. It is tied to narcissism and personality disorders. It is tied to evil.

Gavin Newsome telling the African Americans that they are victims and wanting to pay them off with $220k+ each. Not of his money, of course. He wants to continue to buy their votes with taxpayer money. A woke ponzi scheme.

The university kids walking around with tee shirts that they need to remind themselves that they have worth and they are loved. Therapists must love those tee shirts.

I remember seeing an assembly candidate virtue signalling, stopping at a troubled Mexican restaurant in Clinton and posting photos. See! I care about you! Vote for me! Has she posted any photos of visits to this place since she lost the election?

The local lukewarm church with the creepy “All are welcome” battle cry; implying earthly moral superiority in their wokeness. Nevermind the Bible here.

And our horrid, corrupt president. Did you watch his speech last week?


Yes, that is our president saying that mutilating kids is showing them love and protecting them.

Adolf Hitler used this victimhood strategy in order to gain control before WW2.

There is an alternative to being a victim.

The alternative is Grace. Understand that no one is perfect. Do not repay evil for evil; instead repay evil with goodness and righteousness. Forgive. And pursue a relationship with Jesus.

Jesus … has there ever been a more influential person in the history of the world? Grace.

And in this upside down kingdom mentality (stealing that from a good friend 🙂 ) you will have peace and joy in your life.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Give up your anger and resentments and get peace and joy? But it works, every time.

Every time. 100% of the time it works every time.

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Peace and love to you. Merry Christmas.


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