Blackistone Paid $8000 by UWW for Several Hours of Work

The facts of this blog post… Kevin Blackistone came to UW-Whitewater last week as a guest of University of Wisconsin-Whitewater College of Arts and Communication. According to the contract, which I received by open records request, Blackistone gave two (I think two) lectures. He also was the MC for a free screening of some movie (of which I never heard) that vilifies those with mascots with Native American heritage. The movie was free, of course, since no one would pay to go see it.

At 9pm on Thursday night, do you think there were more students at his Q&A, or at Fat Jack’s?

And then Blackistone went home $8000 richer.

So there is no question, here is the contract:

My opinions on this:

  • First and foremost, this is blatant corruption for a political purpose. This is a guy, so far left of center that he can only be called a Marxist.
  • There is absolutely no justification to spend $8000 of taxpayer and student tuition on such ideology.
  • Probably safe to assume UWW has not and will not bring someone in to tell the other side of the story.
  • Blackistone is very vocal against Christian values. A search of his twitter feed and youtube videos is exactly as one would expect. The guy is just a D-list agitator.
  • Mao’s cultural revolution of the sixties ordered his citizens to throw out the old culture, old history, old customs and old habits. Those who resisted were shamed and killed. Many Americans feel very strongly that the destruction of culture currently happening by guys like Blackistone is very similar in nature.

That is quite the creative shirt. Abraham Lincoln with a Che Guevara hat. Who says that Marxism doesn’t pay? $8000 for two half-days worth of work. You cannot make this stuff up.

Why would a parent want to send their kids to a school that promotes such evil?

The answer is simply grace. Americans, and UWW students need to ignore D-list agitators like Blackistone, and the grumpy local Marxists that pay him so handsomely. When someone cries victim, they ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS want something. In this day in age, that is money and power.

Of all things, Bill Maher nails it.

One final note here …. I have an endless supply of ridiculousness and wokeness and corruption, just here in the area.

Are you ever going to find the Banner report Blackistone getting paid eight large for two half-days of work?

How about the Fort Atkinson Online? Or the Jefferson Daily Union?

But hey …. get men in dresses, dancing for children, and they will be all over it!

Anyways …. subscribe here:

Much peace,


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