More on the Library Movie Night

Update: I put a lengthy piece together why the passion regarding identity. (Link here)

Personal note: If you typically get my posts via email, I apologize but there has been a problem as of late. It might have to do with my laptop being ten years old with Windows 7. I am working on it.

So follow to my library movie night post …..

My open records request was completed today. It is fairly interesting. High school involved. University involved. Several outside groups and all the usual suspects.

The emails really came to a bit of a half after February 17th. I have no idea why.

I would ask the city manager or the library board how they feel about a blatant request to stop emailing (transparency, much??) but they all seem to be in agreement.

So here is the email trail: Link here.

Slideshow below:

Let me know your thoughts.

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