Awesome Event Last Night

So last night’s movie night at the library was quite a success. I decided not to stick around after the movie started, but the reports were amazing. The seeds planted…..

I promise to fully address the event within the next 48 hours…. but I have to say now how much I love the Rock River Patriots. Chuck Mills has been telling me for a while now that the RRP are “our kind of people”. No doubt.

Other items to address…. many unanswered open records requests the law, and the gaslighting beforehand.

I promise a good read 🙂 . Gotta put it all together.


3 thoughts on “Awesome Event Last Night

  1. Mike,

    Good evening.

    Just wanted to say I like the podcast.

    Thank you for bucking the system in whitewater. I live out in the town of Richmond, so I do not have much to say about what the city does, but as far as the school and the school board l, we have a ton to say out here. We are sick of paying for the failures, and are happy to see you bringing that to the forefront.

    I am also very ok with your scripture readings in the podcast. I grew up in a catholic school, and it is refreshing to hear something that is now considered taboo in this messed up day and age.

    I appreciate your blog, your podcast l, and the fight you bring to the city. I ran for school board when it was only a couple of people, but 12 was too many to co.pete against. I also talked with Chuck and he’s in the right mind set, he’s what the school needs.

    I am.focused on my election to my town ship to.get rid of the 80 year Olds on our town board, and move our township ahead.

    Thank you for everything and keep.up the good work

    Mike bergman


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