Parents With Kids in WUSD Need More Representation

I have received a letter to the editor from school district resident Jim Zimmerman. Posted below.

Dear Editor,

Whitewater faces a powerful decision for who will run its school board on Tuesday. On one hand there are three candidates who have no children enrolled in the Whitewater Unified School District and on the other hand you have two moms who do. That is important because the decisions of a school board directly impact the education and the entire future of those kids. In America we are founded on representation and who better to represent the interests of the children than parents of kids in the district?

My wife, Maryann Zimmerman has been on the board for two years and has been outnumbered in her votes many times—including the vote she cast against the current Board President and the idea of using millions of dollars of Covid-19 relief money to install a new turf football field. That vote was not in the interest of the students whose education was severely upset by the district’s Covid-19 policies. The decision certainly did not help keep teachers from fleeing the district. It didn’t even help relieve the taxpayers of having to vote for a referendum to keep the district running. This vote on football field over academics was unanimous except for the only mom with kids in the district.

Parents with kids in the Whitewater Unified School District absolutely need more representation and that is why I implore everybody in the district to vote for Christy Linse and Stephanie Hicks. These are the only two candidates running for School Board who have kids in this district. Each have been very active on the Parent Teacher Association and are known by other parents and teachers. They are running for no other reason than to help improve our district for the children. That means more support for teachers, maintain the school buildings and grounds and solve the mess made by the current board. That is what we need now more than ever.


Jim Zimmerman

Whitewater Wisconsin

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