Six Points for the Whitewater School Board Election 4 April 23

There is a big school board election this coming Tuesday, 4 April 2023. I will keep this short.

  1. Chuck Mills has my full support and endorsement. His platform of getting back to learning and getting away from all the distractions, line by line on the curriculum, is the best plan I have heard.  Chuck is an entrepreneur, one of the hardest working guys I have ever met in my life, and a selfless servant. He has been attending school board meetings regularly for a very long time now. Chuck is a bull in a China shop.  He has no fear to take on the toughest issues.  I make the case that is what is needed right now. 
  2. I also support Christy Linse and Stephanie Hicks. I can make many good points with regard to their hard work, their intelligence, their wisdom and common sense, etc. When it comes down to the ballot, I trust my kids in their hands with the decisions they will make.
  3. Below are some graphs that came from the last school board meeting. These are numbers from the Whitewater Middle School survey of students.
  • How can one see these slides and not see a need for change? While discussing the slides above in the last school board meeting, the sources of this anxiety (depicted in the graphs was discussed).  One source not discussed:  Identity.  We have three candidates (Coburn, Huempfner, Kromholz) whose advocacy of “fluid gender ideology” are in direct conflict with traditional values. I do not want progressive ideology in our schools. We have had enough of school closings, masks, and national news regarding questionable spending (football field).
  • Joe Kromholz made a comment towards the end of the LWV forum that <conservatives> are “upset that they can’t announce their bigotry anymore.” My takeaway (my opinion) from this is that Joe does not really want to work with people on the school board. The comment is simply so drowned in ignorance and pride. I grow tired of this hyperbole. I cannot imagine Thayer Coburn or Miguel Aranda making such a comment. Kromholz has tied his candidacy to more of the same. Sorry, Joe, but this trajectory is not in line with what I want for my kids. 
  • Lisa Huempfner made a point that she has worked in Tuscon Arizona and Chicago Illinois and would bring that experience to Whitewater School Board. There is nothing about Chicago Illinois or Tuscon Arizona (I actually have been to Tuscon several times for work) that I want in our schools.  I have little in common with Ms. Huempfner. I do not want to make Spanish mandatory. I do not agree with her fluid gender ideology.

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And enjoy the break after the spring election. There is no fall election (tentatively), so we have a year of peace before 2024 (which promises to be crazy).


One thought on “Six Points for the Whitewater School Board Election 4 April 23

  1. mike,
    Per usual, great blog post. I just noticed that in those graphs there was only 2 genders listed? Did Caroline leave out the other 356?
    thanks mike bergman


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