In a nutshell – Discerning Racism; Why Grace

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Have you ever heard that you are responsible for your own happiness?

So I was asked a question on Facebook, and I figured I would deflect the discussion here, as opposed to distracting from the pool discussion. (Still waiting on those pool saviors to send me info, by the way).

The question, in my humble opinion, deals with the zeal and insistence of the left regarding racial identity. The question and my formal response is below. I believe that I articulate the majority of Americans.

Mike Smith ……. His statement was the equivalent of: “The people of Race X are poor.” This is prima facie offensive, and we’d never teach something like this. What we might teach is, “As a whole, members of Race X are Y% more likely to be in poverty than non-X Americans.” This, if explained properly, is potentially educational and valuable. And my comment to you was intended in the same spirit of good humor. Dig it? Does the second statement seem to you like it would be taught [to kids who are ready for it] only in the service of “the progressive agenda” and thus should be kept out of schools?

Michael Friedman

Both statements imply value as a result of race. I want absolutely no part of either statement with regard to my kids. It is not what I teach them.

I do not teach my kids to be envious of anyone. The Tenth Commandment is Thou Shall Not Covet. I believe this with all my heart and soul and mind. Coveting (as with any bad behavior) leads to destruction, in the case of envy: financial debt (competing with neighbors), resentments that can manifest (as we see today with the whole DEI and equity movement). 

I do not teach my kids to be victims. I say, time and again, that one needs to run from people that tell them they are victims. And victims always want something. In this case, it is worldly political power. 

I do teach my kids that you are in the situation you are in for a reason and there are no coincidences. You may not be the smartest, or richest, or have the best health…..  but you can take what strengths you have and make the best of your life. You can provide love for others, and value. With this, there is no coveting, no victimhood… only Grace. 

I also teach my kids to love their neighbor and to love their enemy; and by enemy I tell them this is the bullies, and the teachers that may be tough on them. I tell my kids this practicing of Grace is a life long journey.  I tell them that when they make a mistake, to offer yourself grace. 

Not too complicated

There it is in a nutshell. 6000 years of traditional, Judeo-Christian values. Is the left willing to teach this in schools as an alternative to victimhood and envy? And don’t forget about the fear put into people over the last few years…. How about teaching grace in universities? Crazy thought, huh? The happiest and most joyous people are those that practice such grace.

It would certainly be simplistic and straight forward the destruction of victimhood and envy throughout history.

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3 thoughts on “In a nutshell – Discerning Racism; Why Grace

  1. The Germans taught schoolkids that Aryan kids were poorer than Jews not that long ago. How’d that turn out?
    Blaming one “race” for another “race”‘s problems is never a good idea, and the people doing it are never the good guys. Ever.

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