Thoughts on Fatherhood – 13Dec2020

On my heart lately are my single father friends. My own struggles have led me to a place where I come across fathers. Some fathers have not spoken to their children in months or years. Some fathers battling demons and breaking chains that were not of their making. Some fathers battling their own demons and breaking their own chains.

You are loved. Do not ever forget. You are loved.

In 2014, I faced my first Christmas as a single dad. I was deeply hurt emotionally as I was in the middle of a staggering loss. I had no Christmas Tree, no ornaments, no tinsel or lights. I had recently moved into a new home.

I had so much to figure out. I was scared.

I went to the store and bought a Christmas Tree, some generic ornaments, some ornaments that required painting, tinsel, lights and a star, and all of the required items.

The kids and I painted the ornaments. My four-year old daughter got up on a chair and started to decorate the tree. My two-year old son went on and helped. I sat and watched, full of emotion. When they were finished, I placed the lights and the star.

I remember taking a moment and going into my room and crying. It was going to be okay. This may have been the simple task of putting up a Christmas Tree, but to me it was so much more.

Every year since, I place the lights then the kids place all of the ornaments as I watch. And every year I become emotional, thinking about that day …. We have so many new ornaments and have updated the lights. We have the same star (my kids love the star).

My point here … it is going to be okay. Trust your Heavenly Father. Step out into Faith when called.

Sharing one more story…. To the single dad doing everything he can… to the father that hasn’t spoken to his children in months or years…

Somewhere in that same time frame, my good friend Sherry felt the need to share her thoughts with me.

I had been doing everything I could to be as much a part in the lives of my children as I could. I fought very hard for this; sometimes with grace, sometimes not. And I was doing everything I could to be the best father I could possibly be. I was working hard to make the most of my time with my kids. I was spending much time working to break my own chains. I was praying for patience and self control and truth. I lost battles that were out of my control. I had heartbreaking loss.

My good friend Sherry said to me, “Mike…I know how hard you are taking the losses. I know how hard you are fighting and how hard you are working at being a good father. I know that many people do not see this work.”

“God sees this work. Do not forget that. God sees this work. You are loved and appreciated by your Heavenly Father.”

So I am telling you…. God sees what you are doing. God’s omnipotence is greater than any force of evil in the world…. Have Faith and persevere.

You are loved.

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