City of Whitewater Using Fear to Manipulate Senior Citizens

I have an upcoming blog post entitled “None of it matters….” The premise of the post will be that without election reform, most other issues really do not matter. A minority of Americans (the Socialists/Progressives) are simply using more and more brute force to implement their will … the means to their end (political power).

Wisconsin passed Voter ID a few years back. Voter ID was bypassed in the 2020 election with many mail-in ballots. Bullying and manipulation in nursing home has been defined as one of the major reforms necessary.

The progressives know this. They know they cannot win a fair fight. 77% of Americans find an identification necessary….

Last night I found a very disturbing piece in the “Seniors in the Park” newsletter from the Whitewater Park and Rec Department.

[I am going to take a moment here to write that overall Whitewater has an awesome Park and Rec Department. I have young kids in all kinds of activities and I am ecstatic to the work done by the P/R Dept.]

The doublespeak here ….. this bill “could:” is horrible doublespeak and has no place coming from anyone, much less our Parks Department. The scare tactics here are absurd.

There is an opposite side of this argument. Wisconsin has voter ID laws. I sat next to a group of ladies at a Palmyra greasy spoon before the spring election as they discussed getting unrequested absentee ballots in the mail.

The purpose of the bill is to make sure everyone’s vote counts once.

I followed up with the writer of the newsletter, Deb Weberpal of the Whitewater P/R Dept. Her response to me (in full):

,It is my job to advocate for and inform seniors of items that impact them. The information came from the Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network comprised of aging groups and state employees, which is also their job to advocate and inform older adults. I added the first sentence. You are welcome to contact the legislature with your opinion on the topic.

My thoughts on the newsletter and Ms. Weberpal’s response:

  • The notes in the newsletter are not advocacy for seniors. This is disingenuous manipulation with fear…. I could not bring myself to act in such a manner, especially for our seniors.
  • No concern is given for nursing home seniors who have been bullied or manipulated with regard to voting and fraud.
  • These notes in the newsletter are dishonest in nature and have no place in our city government.
  • There is a completely opposite side to this argument with which people have true and genuine concern for our seniors. The people on this side of the argument represent near a majority of Whitewater residents.

Let us call this what it is …. an unelected bureaucrat using taxpayer dollars spreading highly suspect information and fear to our senior citizens.

I have asked for a retraction. I will have a follow up in a couple days.

3 thoughts on “City of Whitewater Using Fear to Manipulate Senior Citizens

  1. Good stuff. Thanks for keeping the heat to them. I’d bring it up in a city council meeting because it is illegal to have the city promote political causes like that.


    1. Someone like this woman, projecting such dishonesty and fear….. really has no place in our community’s bureaucracy… and certainly should not be sending out such partisan garbage


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